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Flexible retail packaging is quickly becoming a popular choice for brands and is well received by consumers due to its convenience, cost savings, and low environmental impact. We offer stick packs, pouches, sachets, and more! Whether you need flexible packaging for cosmetics, food, nutritional products, or other specialties, the Samples Company has you covered.

Sample packaging is another area where we excel. We are a great choice for packaging product samples. We are able to produce the same logos for your sample package that you would have on your retail products. This makes it easier for your customers to identify the retail product on the shelves. If you are using sampling as a marketing strategy, let us help you with any sample packaging needs. If you aren’t using sample packaging in your marketing strategy you should definitely consider it.

Our full-color printing helps ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves! Product branding is critical for any marketing strategy. By having vivid packaging your brand will capture the attention of customers.

Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is a top priority at the Samples Company. Our staff will be able to assist you in determining the right packaging option for your company as well as answering any questions you may have about our business. We are always ready to help our customers with their retail packaging or sample packaging needs.


We offer a free consultation to see what packaging options would benefit you the most. If you’re in need of a packaging company that can efficiently handle your large orders while providing top-notch customer service, the Samples Company is ready to step in and help your business reach its full potential!



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