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Finding a convenient and affordable way to sell and market your products has never been easier than when you work at the Samples Company. Not only do we recognize that you have your own brand to promote, we give you the opportunity to present your goods in ways that are creative, practical, and in direct competition with other competing brands.

Choosing The Right Type of Tubes For Your Product.

When choosing what types of products will be right for your brand and the materials you are working with you will need to take into account a few things. For this reason, we are here to help you and guide you through the process. There will be a few significant things to take into consideration.

  1. What is the physical consistency of the ingredients?
  2. Is there a specific shelf life or expiration date?
  3. Will the ingredients remain stable when exposed to heat?
  4. Decide your preference: laminate, plastic, or aluminum.
  5. Decide your shape: round or oval.
  6. Does the product require a date, batch number, or lot code?

Plastic Squeeze VS Metal & Aluminum

Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Economical and great for startup companies. 

Slightly glossed appearance and feel to them. 

Traditionally sealed and trimmed.

Commonly used in the skincare and personal care industries.

Products: toothpaste, hair care products, semi-solid foods, and a wide range of condiments.

Metal & Aluminum Tubes

More durable and high-end feel to them.

Pressure sealed to protect the filled contents.

Products: premium cosmetic and beauty products, designer lotions, shave balms, pharmaceutical ointments, liposomal products, and foods.




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